Is Adobe AIR free?

Yes, Adobe AIR is FREE and works great. You can download from Adobe website. Adobe AIR can runs on Windows®, Mac OS, Android™, iOS, and BlackBerry® Tablet OS.

The Adobe AIR runtime and AIR SDK are free for most users. If you would like to get the Adobe AIR runtime please see info below:

  • Desktop computers: Download from the Adobe AIR Download Center.
  • Android devices: Download from Google Play directly from your device.
  • BlackBerry PlayBook: The runtime is preinstalled and integrated into the BlackBerry Tablet OS.
  • iOS devices: AIR apps for iOS install a “captive” version of Adobe AIR; therefore, users do not install a dedicated version of AIR.
  • Television: The runtime is preinstalled on supported televisions.

If you would like to get the Adobe AIR SDK please download from the Adobe AIR SDK download page.